Introduction course in sea kayaking

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The sea kayak gives you a great opportunity to use the nature and the ocean. Gòkajakk's course will give you a better understanding of sea kayaking and a better technique. After the 4-hours-course you will be able to maneuver your kayak with a good relation to safety. The course contains mostly practical exercises including the buddy rescue tecnique; 

Lifting, carrying, putting the kayak on the water and entering

Forward paddling

Backward paddling and stopping

Sideway moving

Buddy resque

Basic rules for how to have a safe tour.

Wetsuit and all paddling equipment included.

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The course is held from the boat house of the local kayak club in Førde.


Just simply be in nature - move slowly - with the cadence of your own power - surronded by water, forests and mountains. These provide a unique tranquility and harmony that enrich the moment. Combine this with learning the technical abilities required for paddling, and you will have a great experience.


  1. Førde
  2. Båthavna, SKK sitt naust