Kayak Sunnfjord- Fjord to coast, Dalsfjorden

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3-day kayaking trip in Dalsfjorden, in the Sunnfjord region of Norway.
We will use fast and steady double kayaks (Norse Thor, fiberglass). For lunch we will take the opportunity to enjoy our “Kayak the fjords”-lunch composed of local food products and drinks (Fjord Gardsmat).

Just simply be in nature - move with the cadence of your own power - surrounded by mountains, water and forests.

Quick description:
Day 1: Kayak safety course in Bygstad. Kayaking from Bygstad to Fossevika. Overnight camping in Fossevika.
Day 2: Kayaking from Fossevika to appropriate location. Overnight camping at appropriate location.
Day 3: Kayaking from appropriate location to Askvoll. End of trip.

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  • Experience Dalsfjorden
  • Camping by the Fjord
  • Wild nature
  • Great food
  • Professional guides and equipment



  1. Start Bygstad
  2. Overnight Fossevika
  3. Overnight at appropriate location
  4. End Askvoll