Rent kayak Jølstravatnet (Skei)

Individual rental

Explore Norway from another angel. You can rent recreational kayaks and glide the calm lakes in the western fjord landscape. 

The kayaks are stable and low weight. 

Note: The kayaks are not for use in rivers or open sea.

The rental include kayak, paddle and life jackets. We recommend to bring cloths for wet conditions, or extra cloths.

We recommend some kayak/cano experience prior to your tour. All safety will be on your own risk. Agreement contract must be signed before rental. 

The local contact center to get paddles and life jackets: 
Thon Hotel Jølster tlf. 57 72 78 00

PDF Facts

Download a PDF fact sheet with all the information about the selected tour Download pdf

Location Skei is along road E39, about 40 m minutes north east of Førde.


Just simply be in nature - move slowly - with the cadence of your own power - surrounded by water, forests and mountains. These provide a unique tranquility and harmony that enrich the moment.


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