A day in the nature

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Slow adventure along the Norwegian Scenic Route of Gaularfjellet


We will begin with a relaxing bicycle tour on roads with little to no traffic, where we will stop near the Eikeland waterfall where we can sit by the falls and enjoy the fresh mist and the sight of the beautiful rainbow in the haze. As we continue on towards the Chapel of Hestad, we take a short break and jump back to 1,000 years ago and become immersed in the time of the vikings.

Back at our base we will use recreational kayaks (stable, double kayaks that suit persons of all ages and abilities. No Prior Experience Needed!). We will paddle on Viksdalsvatnet, a pristine lake unspoiled by man with wild forests and small idyllic islands. We carry fishing rods with us as the opportunity for catching fish are ample. While in a calm bay, we will take the opportunity to enjoy our signature “Norwegian Scenic Route” lunch composed of local food products and drinks and packed and prepared by Mjølkerampen at Sande.

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Location: Hestad, Gaular in Sogn & Fjordane GPS position: Alt. 61.318585, Long. 5.987957


Just simply be in nature - move slowly - with the cadence of your own power - surrounded by water, forests and mountains. These provide a unique tranquility and harmony that enrich the moment.


  1. Route: Sande
  2. Route: Sande